Perinatal Aromatherapy Home Study Course

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This valuable home study program on perinatal essential oils (scroll down!) is informed by the science of aromatherapy, Ayurvedic principles,  great teachers from both fields, and our own AyuDoula practice.  The lecture series described below consists of 5 classes, all of them pre-recorded webinars with Ysha Oakes. Ysha was Founder of Sacred Window School, an AyuDoula and Licensed Massage Therapist, and an avid and expert user of Young Living Essential Oils for over 15 years.

We recommend you understand Ayurveda before you start the Essential Oils lectures. Ayurveda is a very logical, natural and approachable science, but it does have its own language and principles. So to get the most out of this program, please come prepared!  You can purchase our Intro to Ayurveda below.

And to cultivate your perception of the effects of essential oils, have your own collection handy when you take the classes.

Package of all 5 Perinatal Essential Oils & Ayurveda Lectures $67.00

Individual class descriptions follow below.

Essential Oils (More than) Basics (2 hours)   

All four of our Perinatal Essential Oil seminars include a 2 hour “Essential Oils (More than) Basics” course–with course notes–as a free bonus.  We want to be sure you have this important material about safety, quality risk issues, applications and other important – and very inspiring concerns. In our “more than Basics” class, discover why essential oils are so quick acting, why some people respond to them quickly and others do not and why some people get reactions to the same application and oil others do not.  Learn how to prevent and handle sensitivities?

What is the cutting edge of aromatherapy? What kind of biological intelligence do they bring to family health care?  Not only will you discover the three main approaches to aromatherapy, and three categories of use when applying them directly, you will also learn why some essential oils are risky and others are not, and what is important with regard to quality, safety and potency issues. Find out how some essential oils can affect the nuclear matter within a cell – even benefiting the DNA of a cell.

And last, but not least, gain Ayurvedic insights into refining your aromatherapy practice with examples of how the doshas (metabolic principles), dhatus (tissues), srotamsi (channels) and gunas (the 20 qualities in nature) help us choose and use essential oils most wisely. This class is prerequisite to all of our other essential oils classes.

INCLUDED with all individual lectures & the 5 class package

Essential Oils for Fertility and Conception (2 hours)

Nurturing fertility and conception with essential oils and oil enhanced products is effective and acclaimed. Within the context of 1) Ayurveda’s understanding of fertility and 2) the growing challenges faced by women today because of lifestyle standards and dietary pollutants, essential oils shine. Learn how essential oils can support the body’s energetic sheaths – physical, pranic, mental and emotional, intellectual and bliss layers, to become the best vessel for an incarnating soul. Includes “nose on” guided experience with specific essential oils.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy (3 hours)

Next, discover how essential oils are best used in context of many concerns during the three trimesters of pregnancy. Add the extra intelligence of Ayurveda for more specific benefit and understanding to safely support symptomatic concerns.  Again, in this class, we discuss the effect of essential oils on dosha, guna, tissues and channels, helping even the beginning student of Ayurveda understand the energetic power of these substances. We have found that expecting mothers love the safety of essential oil applications. Pregnancy discomforts are often helped with different applications of specific non-toxic aromatics – via diffusion, topical applications, food seasonings, cleansing treatments, and body care items.

Essential Oils for Birth and Postpartum (3 hours)

We have found that mothers and babies thrive with the life force and specific supports of proper use of essential oils. With the umbrella of Ayurveda, it’s easier to choose wisely from several similar oils. Many mothers are comforted by aromatherapy at birth, and midwives or family like to bring special recipes to assist the stages of labor. Make a take-home sample, and learn “nose on” with tips for where and how to safely use and apply different oils. After childbirth our mothers appreciate having organic and pure choices to help with risks and discomforts from hospital exposures, infant and maternal immune protections, respiratory challenges, low oxygen and circulation issues, aches and pains, mood swings, sleep issues, bonding issues from birth crises, gas, bloating, weight and digestive difficulties, epidural headaches, itches, stitches, and more! We tell many inspiring stories, and have lots of fun.

Essential Oils for Infants and Little Ones (2 hours)

And let’s not forget the little ones. In our last lecture in the series, you will learn safe and valuable uses and contraindications of aromatherapy for infants and other little ones. We will look more deeply at the Ayurvedic implications of choosing different oils for a child’s vikruti conditions, doshic imbalances and other factors, all of which deeply enhance cost effectiveness and just plain effectiveness of the oils for small children.

Introduction to Ayurveda (5 hours) $21.00  

We use an order delivery service called SendOwl, which works securely with Paypal for your payment gateway options.  We have found this to be a reliable, trustworthy and easy system for students and our school over the last 2 years.  It also appears overly simple, and we are in dialog with them to provide more reliability statements in their order boxes.

Each lecture consists of pre-recorded webinar(s) and support materials. Upon ordering via the SEND OWL Add to Cart buttons below, you will receive a popup for instant delivery, and an email acknowledging your purchase.  The e-lectures arrive as a live PDF file with the active link(s) on the first page. Just click one of these live links from your computer and the recorded webinar will begin.  If you are able to watch live streaming content like YouTube on your computer, you should be able to view these recordings.

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