Mama-Baby Self Massage

Here’s a 6 minute video by Banyan Botanicals on how to do a self-massage with warm oil. You can of course do a few more strokes to fill in a 10-15 minute self massage, but you get the delicious idea and keys here.

Moms – this is posted for YOU especially right now! Daily self massage or when you can, the AyurDoula postpartum ayurvedic massage is recommended in the ancient medical textbooks to do for 42 days after birth to prevent so many problems. It is a good lifetime habit, but in your Sacred Window after birth you will especially feel the benefits.

Even if you just start with oiling your body all over, then Baby needs your attention, you will feel so much better.   After Baby has slept, and eaten, and you have had something to eat as well, Baby usually will be happy for a few minutes listening to your bath water run, and you talking or singing to him.

So even without someone to be with your baby while you do your massage and bath, you can do a few minutes or more.  If Baby needs attention then you can do baby massage then, and both get in the bath. Babies like the bath a little less hot than postpartum mamas do, but it is still lovely. Be sure to learn how to float your baby safely with one hand so the other is free to bathe her. Holding them close in the bathtub usually makes them fussy as they get held up out of the water and evaporation is disturbing to them.

The benefits of daily warm oil massage are so many!  To name a few – proven help for immune health, hormonal and mood balance, good circulation, understanding of safe touch, relaxation and deeper sleep, more clear and alert awake times, enhanced bonding, wonderful for fathers to become comfortable handling their baby, better lactation for mama….that’s just a beginning. Daily massage for mama as well as baby and other children, is so valuable!  At the Maharishi School, where many schoolchildren receive or give themselves daily abhyanga (warm oil ayurvedic massage), there is not the common outbreaks of head lice young school children often pass around – a great added benefit.

Our default choice of oil is – always use organic oils please, and no mineral oil. Oils and fats when they grow in nature concentrate environmental toxins which tend to be lipid like in structure also. Sesame is best for most (light, not roasted!) for it’s absorption capacity into the skin. Some pitta/rash prone folks and babies need to use sunflower, or a mix, maybe with some coconut. Coconut is harder to wash out of towels, sunflower and coconut are more cooling and may be preferred for summertime. Babies may also get rashes from nut oils, so we prefer not to use those. If you can afford it, jojoba or avocado are also heavenly.

To learn more about how to give a baby a warm oil massage, check back with us. We’ll be offering a webinar on this in the future.

bye for now,
Ysha Oakes