Audio Recordings & Webinars

with Ysha Oakes, Master Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula

Ayurveda for Mother and Newborn Care – $28.00
Understand dynamics of mind-body-spirit transformation & consciousness in a new mother.  Learn a new paradigm for mother-baby postpartum care through Ayurveda. Study physiological and psychological changes after birth in both Western & Ayurvedic terms. Discover and learn the best holistic approaches to prevent common problems and empower rejuvenation with postpartum mama-baby care. Practical tips and tools for professionals and families. (about 9 hours)

Ayurvedic Nutrition for Mother and Newborn – $28.00
Learn little known, deeply transformative nutrition and dietary approaches for the powerful 6-8 week window after childbirth and beyond, for baby’s best nourishment, and for nourishing the prime nourisher – the Mom.

This 8 hour course is the other half of the Postpartum Care with Ayurveda (AY150) course, with a stronger emphasis on food and nutrition, and one of many courses in our Ayudoula curriculum focused on the very significant role and practice of postnatal nutrition.  In it you will hear valuable discussion about how to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk, the cause and remedy for two types of colic, baby’s first foods, and important guidelines for maternal rejuvenation including significant variations on “normal” vata pacifying foods and herbs.  Ysha peppers her lectures with many recipe ideas and tips – be prepared to enrich your course notes!  (about 8 hours)

Introduction to Ayurveda    $16 
In this class you will learn some of the core concepts and practices of Ayurvedic medicine along with other integrative medical perspectives to help you on your self-care journey using Ayurveda.  Ysha Oakes begins with compassion, clarity, and story-telling, to describe the source of Ayurvedic Medicine from historical as well as esoteric perspectives.  She illuminates how to learn about and use the laws of nature in our own lives and that of our clients.

As the knower of your own reality, your self-knowledge and empowered choices can be influenced by many forces little understood in western alternative or allopathic medicine. Ayurveda describes the relationship of 5 elements, qualities of the mind, metabolic principles (doshas), transformative chemistries (enzymes – agni), and waste products with the goal of balancing these energies to produce a happy mind, awakened senses and contented soul as integral to a fulfilled life.  (5.2 hours)

Ayurvedic Nutrition: Theory for Modern Lifestyles    $21
This 7 hour class is about the creative intelligence and science of Ayurvedic nutrition.  Students will learn how to choose food to create happiness and health, and to rejuvenate body and mind through the combined effects of the body’s agnis, the 5 elements in nature, the 3 doshas, the 3 gunas, and daily routines.  In very practical terms, you will learn how to know what makes food nourishing (or not.)

We address these two basic questions: How do we use Ayurveda to enjoy life and cooking? How do we adapt for personalized needs and a round table of family or friends with different needs?

We explore the vibrational qualities and medicinal effects of food and its preparation so as to modify the influences of foods on our bodies and minds.  We help you sort through many contemporary fads using Ayurvedic concepts and explain how empowering it is to play with the qualities of food in order to create balance, health and vitality.

Professional Ayudoula Courses

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Learn skills to serve the powerful six week period following birth, taught by professional Ayudoulas.